Fuzzy Thinking?

The Blahs?

Hydrate and Feel Better with



Get Deep Refreshment!

I-Water Hydration is 3 to 5 Times Greater than filtered or bottled water


7 months later

Notice the  dramatic changes in her skin after drinking and spraying the i-Water for seven months.
In addition to looking younger, see the dramatic difference in the size, shape, color and reduction in inflammation of her ear!

Start of Treatment

Six Weeks Later

This 6 year old boy suffered with itchy eczema from birth. Look at the difference after spraying and drinking i-Water in only six weeks!

Skin Conditions and the Blahs can be caused by your body reacting to toxins.

Purify and Hydrate with i-Water!

When energized by the earth, "raw" or natural water refreshes and hydrates deeply. Energy is lost with exposure to chemicals, metals, heat and time. I-Water energy and alignment lasts over 30 days!


Get Hydrated, Energized and Deeply Refreshed

Our process uses your own contaminant-free water. We also have a wide selection of excellent filtration systems to remove contaminants from municipal water.

Strange Skin problems?

Multiple outbreaks that don’t seem to relate to any particular diagnosis...
You've tried many different health solutions, but nothing seems to really work.


New sensitivities to foods and substances and an ever-increasing list of things you have to watch out for...
Skin problems, headaches or sinus problems?

the Blahs?

- A lack of energy
- Negative thinking
- Can’t get things done
- Lost interest in the bedroom
- Depression
-You've tried many things, but nothing seems to work

Being Hydrated Can Help You

Be Energized!

Clear up Skin!

Enjoy Life!


Feel Better!

You may be chronically dehydrated without knowing it:

  • Digestive problems?
  • Dry, listless skin?
  • Brain fog? Fuzzy thinking? Tiredness?
  • Headaches?
  • Low blood pressure and more...

Donald Toomim has been a health practitioner since 1991. He uses his experience in expanded body reaction testing to find the exact cause of your health problem and solve it!